Dollies are mobile carriages to move heavy items and are therefore an ideal solution to improve the flow of a production process. The dollies are often used as an internal solution to easily carry heavy, smaller items from point A to B. Fully customized, in large or small numbers.

Facilitate production

This combination of dollies with so-called 'iframes' were designed to facilitate the supply of semi-finished products to the production line. Dollies are loaded with full pallets and taken to the place of assembly by the factory by means of the iframe. Once in the right place, the dollie is put on the production line and all pieces are used until the pallet is empty. The tipping position facilitates the removal of the pieces. After the different pallets are empty, the dollie is brought back to the warehouse to be reloaded.


Finished and semi-finished products that roll off the belt can be perfectly put on a dolly. This way they only have to be towed to a new place of production.

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