Automotive racks

Automotive racks

A bumper, a rear window, a full body of a car or a part of a machine are some of the examples of products around which a rack is built. We start with the product and ask the expectations of the customer. We continue with 3D drawings of the container. Next a prototype is made. Once the prototype is finished, adjusted and approved, the series gets produced, which is usually done in Slovakia.


If the rack needs to be easily transported, it is an option to choose a folding model. The racks are folded down and stacked after use, ready to be transported. This type of container is often used between suppliers and producer. Semi-manufactures can thus be transported without damage.

Non foldable

Automotive racks that largely remain within the company do not always have to be foldable. Often an automotive rack is fixed, but stackable. A tailor-made wire net container or waste bin are examples of this. Completely tailored and customized, in mutual consultation between project manager, technical design and customer.


Pieces that need to be painted or processed are often not handled or turned over. (Painter) stands are made to measure the piece so that the treatment can be done in smooth movements.

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