Railing & Fencing

NMBS train station, Ternat

Deze leuningen worden ontworpen naar de huidige situatie in het station. Na een volledige opmeting te doen werd alles in 3D getekend en uitgewerkt voor productie en montage.

Fenders & Lighthousing Rack

Case New Holland, Zwevegem

This container was developed around a specific piece of CNH. The model includes folding pieces to facilitate stacking.

Side Skirt Rack

Atlas Copco

Dit rack werd ontworpen rond een 3D tekening van de side skirt. Dankzij 3D tekenen kan een rack optimaal ontworpen worden om zo veel mogelijk stukken in één container te krijgen.

Pipe rack

Westvlees, Westrozebeke

This pipe rack was drawn, produced and mounted between two buildings of the Westvlees slaughterhouse in Westrozebeke. It bridges the distance and allows pipes and tubes to flow smoothly from one building to another.

Temporary bike rack

Train station area, Kortrijk

During the renovation of the Kortrijk train station area, temporary bicycle racks were made at the front and rear of the station. Construction company Stadsbader asked Westland to provid a simple but solid construction.


Barco Clean Room, Kortrijk

Barco built a completely new factory hall in 2017. In order to be able to use the space to the fullest and still have room for their air purification plant, they opted to install a construction which carries the purification machines. We took all dimensions of the building and designed a steel construction tailor made to the wishes and requirements of Barco.

Volvo dollies & iframes

Volvo Cars, Ghent

The iframes with matching dollies are part of a logistic solution at the Volvo factory in Ghent. All dollies can be individually loaded with pallets on which parts of a car are stacked. After everything has been replenished, the dollie is put in an iframe, after which four iframes are pulled together on a tractor through the factory.

Volvo V60 Car Body Rack

Torslanda Volvo Factory, Sweden

The car body rack for the Volvo V60 was developed to move the complete body of the break model from Sweden to Belgium. Volvo decided to ship the V60, which was originally completely finished in Sweden, to get it assembled and finished in Ghent.


Westland supplied 1300 body rack containers, good for about 1000 tons of steel or 81 trucks. The production of the container took place in Slovakia, in our subsidiary Westmetal sk, which specializes in automotive racks.

Floating lounge

Atelier Bow-Wow, Triënnale Brugge 2015

This construction was designed by a Japanese Architect firm that participated in the Triennial in Bruges. They cooperated with Bruges architects Dertien12, who in turn contacted Westland for the production of the design.

Cooling tunnel

Westvlees, Westrozebeke

This steel structure was built to the new Westvlees building. The structure serves to build a cooling tunnel.

Bicycle parking

De Lovie, Poperinge

For a new bicycle storage facility at the De Lovie domain, Westland has created a modern design with wooden finish that can serve as a bicycle shed, but also as a shelter for picnics.